My name is Arielle Iacovacci and
I live in Tribeca in NYC.
I am ten and my mom says Im going
on seventeen sometimes:)!!!
I love baking cakes because you can be
creative, and make anything from a delictable
prize winninng bundt cake to a elegant wedding cake!
I have started baking cakes from when I was little and
I still love it! I love decorating the cakes and
making little fondount flowers! Another
thing I do is make up my own cake recipes,
one time I made up a cupcake recipe
for a chocalate cinnamon cupcakes with caramel
frosting and strawberry jam filling! It
acually tasted good! My friend made up cookie soup
(it was DISGUSTING!)! My best friend (Chloe Young) is a big time
baker to but her dad is a dentist so she bakes healthy,
like me but I sometimes bend the rules and
make unhealthy cakes. The last thing
I made with her was oatmeal cookies.
It was very fun and I think I will be a baker when I grow up.
But I am STILL learning and I didnt even know
there was such thing a frozen rasberry layer
cake until recently when I learned the recipe.
I hope you enjoy this website!!!